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E.g., 21/06/2021
E.g., 21/06/2021
Kolaż flag polskiej i unijnej z napisem sprawa Grzęda przeciwko Polsce

On 19 May 2021 a hearing took place before the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Grzęda v Poland. The Grand Chamber of the ECtHR considered allegations of a judge who was a member of the National Council of the Judiciary (NCJ). The judge’s term of office was prematurely terminated by legislation in 2018, contrary to an explicit guarantee in the Constitution.

Ręce seniora na klawiaturze komputera

Polish and Georgian National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI) – the Commissioner for Human Rights of Poland and the Public Defender of Georgia invited Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and NHRIs form all over the World to support their joint statement on the protection of the rights of older persons for the upcoming 11th Session of the UN Open-Ended Working Group of Ageing (

Zdjęcie imadła, narzędzia do zaciskania

The Commissioner for Human Rights (CHR) is of the opinion that the prosecutor office's motion to the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court for consent to detention of judge Igor Tuleya for the purpose of compulsory appearance is ungrounded, and that it has been filed with the Chamber in violation of the Polish Constitution and the European Union law.

zdjęcie samotnego drzewa w zimie
  • The Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights of Ukraine expresses her solidarity with the Statement issued by the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) on the need to comply with international standards during the selection and appointment of new Heads of NHRIs and during any associated transitional period

In response to the CHR’s request dated 26 January 2021, ODIHR provided Urgent Opinion on the Draft Act Amending the Code of Procedure in Petty Offence Cases of Poland.


The Commissioner for Human Rights addressed the Chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding withdrawal of nutrition and hydration from Polish citizen (referred to as RS) who is currently hospitalised in the University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust in Great Britain. According to media coverage, RS was admitted to the hospital following a heart attack.

Transparent z napisem "Nie jesteśmy obojętni" pod tablicą na ścianie "Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich"

The Commissioner for Human Rights received a letter from the municipal ombudspersons in the Netherlands, who are concerned about the way the Polish government is handling the election procedure for a new ombudsman.

a board with the title of the publication

The idea of the Congress on Human Rights came from the Ombudsman of the 7th term, Dr. hab. Adam Bodnar. It was an attempt to create a space for the exchange of experiences and views of people from different generations and parts of the country.

Figura przedstawiająca kobietę z wagą na tle nieba

Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar took part in panel discussion “Is there a case for rekindled democracy assistance in Central and Eastern Europe?” organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of IDEA

Full text of the speech:

Cela więzienna

National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture issued a report of the on the ad hoc visit to the rooms for detained persons or persons brought for sobering up within the units reporting to the Warsaw Police Headquarters

zdjęcie twarzy smutnej kobiety

The issue of abortion concerns people who find themselves in most dramatic situations of life. For the last several decades, Poland’s law in this area has been restrictive, although considered to constitute a political and social compromise. In practice, in many places of the country the law was not complied with (e.g.

Wywracające się klocki domina i ręka, która je zatrzymuje

The Commissioner for Human Rights received a letter from the International Ombudsman Institute.

Atrybuty sędziego

On 9th September 2020, the 5-years term of the current Polish Ombudsman (Commissioner for Human Rights) Adam Bodnar, ended. The Parliament did not select a new person for this position yet. Thus, following the Article 3.6 of the Law on the Commissioner, Professor Bodnar stays in the office until the appointment of the new Commissioner for Human Rights.

Figura przedstawiająca kobietę z wagą na tle nieba

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe issued the following statement:

Waga jako symbol sądownictwa

Adam Bodnar, the outgoing Human Rights Commissioner was one of the guests of the Verfassungsblog -  a journalistic and academic forum of debate on topical events and developments in constitutional law and politics in Germany, the emerging common European constitutional space and beyond. He took part in a discussion about disciplinary proceedings for judges.

Drzewo o zielonych poszarpanych liściach

The Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar sent condolences on the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Ambassador of the Unites States Georgette Mosbacher.


Following an invitation from the authorities of Poland, and in accordance with its mandate, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) deployed a Special Election Assessment Mission (SEAM) on 15 June.

Mężczyzna na mównicy, kilkoro posłów w ławach po lewej stronie

Distinguished Marshal,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Parliament,

Logo krajowego mechanizmu prewencji
  • The KMPT representatives talked to 33 out of 48 persons detained in connection  with the case of protests after the arrest of the activist of the "Stop Bzdurom" group.
  • The detainees pointed to inadequate police action and the chaos that prevailed in the police stations

As the Cominissioner for Human Rights, it was with major distress and concern that I observed last night’s events (7th August 2020) against the persons protesting against remand detention of an activist from the “Stop bzdurom” collective.

Tablica z godłem państwowym i napisem "Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich"

As Commissioner for Human Rights who safeguards human and civil rights and who holds the role of an independent equality body I am truly concerned about the declarations of representatives of the Council of Ministers and about their actions regarding the withdrawal from the Council of Europe convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (so-called I

Waga jako symbol sądownictwa

On Monday, 6 July 2020, a hearing at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg took place before the Grand Chamber concerning the process of appointment of judges of the Supreme Court (Case C-824/18 A.B. and others).

Zdjęcie przedstawia zamglony park

In view of the subsequent statements that are made in the present election campaign and the related public debate, and that are targeted at LGBT persons (lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender persons), I call on everyone to refrain from such speech of exclusion and contempt. The border of freedom of speech, that must not be crossed, is the dignity of another human being.

Flaga Unii Europejskiej

The Commissioner for Human Rights has asked the Prime Minister to clarify the inaccurate information in some of the statements made by the government regarding the actions taken by the European Union to combat the coronavirus epidemic and its consequences.

EU day of solidarity between generation

Joint Statement on the Human Rights of Older Persons during pandemic.

Issued by Michael Windfuhr, the Vice-Chair of the German Institute of the Human Rights and Prof. Dr Adam Bodnar, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Poland

morski horyzont z niewidoczną granicą między wodą a powietrzem
  • The Commissioner received a request to undertake the case of Mr Andrzej, a crew member of the Polish ship MS "Joseph Conrad". The ship was bombed during the attack of the American Air Force on the Haifong harbour in Vietnam in December 1972.

When I meet with people from all over Poland, I can see no severe opposition against damaging the judiciary system. The area is a complex one, and judges are a kind of “elite” with which not many people identify. Moreover, why all this alarm? After all, nothing is really happening. These are the common opinions. My role is thus to explain that the truth is completely different.


In connection with the passing by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, on 20 December 2019, of the Act amending the Law on the System of Ordinary Courts, the Act on the Supreme Court and certain other acts, and the submission thereof to the Senate of the Republic of Poland, the Commissioner for Human Rights sent the Speaker of the Senate of Republic of Poland comments regarding the Act, requeste